AGISTMENT | Little Wych | Horses, Mares, Pasture, Young


A secure and professional environment for horses

Little Wych offers seasonal and long-term agistment for mares, foals, weanlings and yearlings.Education of foals and weanlings is incorporated into our raising of young horses.

Paddocks are pasture improved and have reticulated water, safe fencing and shelters.

All young horses and mares are fed a balanced ration designed for growing horses and mares in foal, which has been formulated especially to complement the pasture base.

However, we require all horses to be up to date with vaccinations and drenching prior to arrival with status advised prior to entrance. We are capable of continuing these prophylactic treatments in order to keep your horse protected.

Veterinary services are provided by an experienced local veterinarian.

A master farrier attends the property weekly and all horses are inspected and farriery performed as required.