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Little Wych has experienced staff who are capable of providing supervision for your horse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have a resident manager who supervises day-to-day operations and all horses are inspected daily.

Our facilities are first class


All horses on the property are hand fed unless you have elected to have them on pasture only.

Horse husbandry

Depending upon the level of care your horse requires, our staff are capable of attending to all your horse's needs. The staff can rug, drench, handle and groom horses as well as nurse horses recovering from injury.

All horses are managed with respect to their unique requirements, including spelling horses and broodmares.

Veterinary services

A local veterinarian is on call 24 hours a day to provide medical and emergency treatment for the horses at Little Wych.


Farriery services are provided by a master farrier, who attends the property on a weekly basis. Our farrier specialises in corrective farriery.

 Horses of all ages
In addition to providing support and advice, at Little Wych we are capable of caring for your mare from preparation for mating to foaling down. The local veterinarian works closely with the staff at Little Wych in assessing and manipulating the mare's reproductive cycle.

The staff are accredited in artificial insemination and have experience with standardbred and warmblood mares.


With over twenty years of experience foaling mares, the staff at Little Wych are highly capable of looking after your mare during this time. The mares are very closely monitored prior to and during parturition.

Yearling preparation for sale

Experienced staff have prepared thoroughbred yearlings for sale for the past twenty years. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this particular service.

Horse transport

Little Wych is serviced by a number of horse transport companies. Should you require assistance in arranging the transportation of your horse please do not hesitate to contact us for details of a local horse transport company.