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Tailored and holistic 

At Little Wych, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive seasonal and long-term agistment solutions tailored to the specific needs of mares, foals, weanlings, and yearlings. Our agistment services encompass a holistic approach to horse care, incorporating specialised programs for the education and development of foals and weanlings as they transition into adulthood.

Our paddocks are meticulously maintained and pasture-improved to provide optimal grazing conditions for your horses. Each paddock is equipped with reticulated water systems, ensuring a constant and reliable water supply. Our fencing is carefully designed to maximise safety and security, while shelters are strategically placed throughout the property to offer protection from the elements.

At Little Wych, we understand the importance of nutrition in supporting the growth and development of young horses and pregnant mares. That's why we provide a balanced and carefully formulated diet tailored to meet their specific dietary requirements. Our nutrition program is designed to complement the natural pasture base, ensuring that your horses receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal health and vitality.

Prior to arrival at our facility, we require all horses to be up to date with vaccinations and drenching treatments. We also request that their vaccination and drenching status be provided beforehand to ensure compliance with our health and safety protocols. Once on-site, our experienced team is capable of continuing these prophylactic treatments to keep your horses protected against common diseases and parasites.

At Little Wych, we are committed to providing the utmost care and attention to every horse entrusted to us. Our comprehensive agistment services, combined with our dedication to health, safety, and well-being, make us the premier choice for horse owners seeking excellence in equine care.

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