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Our Services

Tailored care by a dedicated team

Little Wych offers comprehensive services tailored to standardbreds, thoroughbreds, broodmares, foals, yearlings, and horses in need of rehabilitation. From agistment solutions to specialised spelling services, veterinary care, and farrier appointments, we ensure the wellbeing of every equine entrusted to us. With a focus on holistic management, we're dedicated to exceptional care for your horse's every need.


All horses on the property receive personalised hand-feeding. 


Our capable staff tend to your horse's needs, providing tailored care ranging from rugging, drenching, handling, and grooming to nursing injured horses. Every horse, including spelling horses and broodmares, receives individualised attention, respecting their unique requirements.

Veterinarian & Farrier

A local veterinarian is available around the clock to offer medical and emergency care for the horses at Little Wych.

Our master farrier provides farriery services on a weekly basis, specialsing in corrective techniques to ensure optimal hoof health.

Broodmares & Foaling

We provide thorough care for your mare from mating preparation to foaling. Our experienced staff works closely with the local veterinarian to manage and optimise the mare's reproductive cycle. Accredited in artificial insemination, our team has extensive experience with standardbred and warmblood mares. With over twenty years of foaling experience, our staff ensures meticulous care and monitoring for your mare throughout the parturition process.

Yearling Sales Preparation

Our experienced team has a proven track record in preparing thoroughbred yearlings for sale, ensuring they are primed for success in the market. From grooming and conditioning to presentation, we provide comprehensive services to maximize the potential of your yearlings. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve optimal results in the sales ring.

Horse Transport

Little Wych is served by several reputable horse transport companies. If you need help arranging transportation for your horse, please feel free to reach out to us for information on local transport services.

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